I haven’t actively written the last few days because of health issues, so last night, I decided to go through some old journals and revisit writing. Often when I feel removed from a current project, revisiting past musings helps me to ground myself in the process once again.

One of my favorite exercises from my Creative Writing class in college was the select a word at random and write about it. I found a journal from my 2014 trip to Colorado where I practiced this. I can remember being on the plane with headphones in wanting to write, but not having a clear purpose or idea. So I flipped open the Southwest Airlines magazine from the pocket in front of me. There was an ad for Disney and scrolled across the top was the word MAGIC.


And like that, the magic happened. I tuned out the rest of the world and wrote furiously for the entire flight.

Last night, after feeling like I did not want to engage in my practice, I found this piece and decided to edit and revise it. I intend to share this piece with others at the writing retreat, and hopefully, I will post a revised product at the end of the retreat. By no means is it the finished product, but I thought I would post an example of what one simple word can yield. Magic!


As a child you want to believe in




The intrigue of the unknown captivates your spirit like a wand that contains spells


Enchantments awaken unharnessed power appear as black cats with question mark tails


Magic is a bright unhappiness.


It carries with it the oxymoronic amalgamation of beauty and beast.


Magic is limited, yet we believe it is limitless.


It battles the constraints of Time. Space. Death.



Magic is tricky.



Children do not understand what ails the giants surrounding their charmed existence.


Young magic is sparkling fairies, anthropomorphic objects, and friendly personified animals


But real magic is




Once we leave our childhood fancies behind, magic sheds its disguise.


The unslayable dragon.

The hungry witch.

The insatiable beast.


Magic is temptation.

Magic is liquor.

Magic is religion.

Magic is divorce.

Magic is cancer.

Magic is war.

Magic is rape.

Magic is overdosing.

Magic is murder.

Magic is the headlines.

Magic is narcotics.

Magic is suicide.


Magic. Is. Dangerous.


Magic has power…

Over us.


The fairies are sinister.

The creatures are deceptive.

The dragon is real.


The Prince’s pride is arrogance.

The Princess’s beauty is vanity.

The Wizard’s wisdom is speculation.


Magic is legacy.


Magic is Jim Morrison.

Magic is Kurt Cobain.

Magic is River Phoenix.

Magic is Jon Bonham.

Magic is Jimi Hendrix.

Magic is Jeff Buckley.

Magic is Janis Joplin.

Magic is Amy Winehouse.

Magic is Keith Moon.

Magic is Heath Ledger.

Magic is Brad Renfro.

Magic is Sylvia Plath.

Magic is John Lennon.

Magic is James Dean.

Magic is Mitch Hedberg.

Magic is Marilyn Monroe.

Magic is Robin Williams.

Magic is Jack Kerouac.

Magic is Allen Ginsberg.

Magic is John Belushi.

Magic is Lenny Bruce.

Magic is Chris Farley.


Magic is tragedy.


Magic is bullshit.


Fuck Magic.



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